Abuse of sick leave

Sick leave is one of the areas most often exploited by employees at the expense of their employer – and companies can also be harmed by thousands of euros a month.

The most common violations we find are:

How can we help you?

1. We carry out a longer sick leave supervision for you and cover the worker's supervision over time.

This is how we figure out what a person on sick leave actually does. In the event of infringements, the employer may take legal action by obtaining from our side a formal, final detective report with all the  evidences.

2. Check sick leave or be carried out exclusively at the address of the employee's place of residence.

We inform the employee of the checks and check that he/she is complying with the sick system. In this way, the unjustified prolongation of sick leave is reduced, while at the same time the constant carry-out of sick leave checks helps to reduce them.

»Adequate and, above all, constant control of sick leave is one of the most effective ways of reducing the employer’s ineligible costs.«

Are you in any doubt whether your employees are actually on sick leave?

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Control of travel costs

Reimbursement of travel expenses is a very common way for employees to increase their pay by falsely displaying the travel costs to work.

How can we help you?

With the powers and legal options available to us, for you:

1. Collect data on the field and from publicly available sources

2. We obtain data from records

3. We obtain evidence to enable you to properly respond - including through disciplinary or legal proceedings against the worker.

»Don’t let your business be harmed by falsely displaying travel expenses.«

Are you in doubt whether your employees show the actual state of transport to work?

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Detection of business fraud

Business fraud is more common than we might think. Many can arise even at the time of the conclusion of the business partnership or later when business cooperation is already in progress.

How can we help you?

Fast and discreet for you:


1. Let us examine the potential for possible cause of material and non-material damage

2. We obtain information on the performance and business of business entities

3. We collect the evidence and facts necessary to secure or prove the rights and rights of the party before the courts, other judicial authorities and other bodies or organisations seised of those rights

4. We investigate compliance with the competition ban and the competition clause

»Don’t let business fraudsters dispose of your assets. React at the first suspicion of inconsistencies and disrespect for agreements.«

Are you in any doubt about a new business partner or what’s going on in a business relationship that’s already going on?

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Queries for natural persons

Detectives can also use their powers and powers to make credible enquidies in many other areas of life.

How can we help you?

When in doubt, you can contact us for:

1. Servicing of notices and other consignments to the addressees

2. Advice in the field of criminal conduct prevention

3. For the planning and implementation of the protection of trade secrets, information systems, economic and personal data and information

4. Partner loyalty verification

5. Inquisiting about the behaviour of adolescents or your children

6. Gathering information on missing or hidden persons

»By fieldwork and getting information from other sources, we conduct all the enquidies you need to allay your doubts or confirm your predictions!«

Is there a circumstance in your life that makes your sleep not so well?

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